The tradition to be inherited

Kazuo Arai, founder of Nicks, was born in Tokyo on June 25, 1919.
At the age of 17, He decided to work at "Futaba-Tei" in Shibuya, a long-established Western-style restaurant.
Afterwards, he experienced Army soldiers, Japanese industrial club, Dutch embassy, ​​etc.
At the age of 36, as a manager led the officer club from the US Air Force Johnson Base , work at the base began.
He realized the wealth of the country called America, the warmth and brightness of Americans heart here.

In August 1960, at the age of 42, he opened "Nicks Steak House" in Sayama with Johnson base retirees.
It is a restaurant intended for soldiers stationed in the station and their families.
Because he was called "Nick" from Americans, he used it as it was.
It gets a reputation that "it is better than the beef of your home country" and it will thrive.
We were aided by our colleagues 'skills and knowledge, and above all by my colleagues' personality,
and gained tremendous trust from Americans.

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