We want to convey the taste of beef

When put in your mouth, high-quality fat dissolves out,
the original taste of meat spreads in your mouth. In our shop,
We recommend you to eat with raw fresh wasabi and raw Soysource from Shodoshima .
[with rice or bread (Lunch time only)]

* The price includes tax.

  • Kuroge Wagyu beef surloin steak

    • Price100g 4,070yen
    • Price150g 5,830yen
  • Kuroge Wagyu Beef fillet steak

    • Price100g 4,730 yen
    • Price150g 6,820 yen
  • 狭山市 ステーキとハンバーグのレストラン ニックス

    Japanese beef surloin steak

    • Price100g 2,970 yen
    • Price150g 4,180 yen
  • Japanese beef fillet steak

    • Price100g 3,300 yen
    • Price150g 4,675 yen
  • Beef steak (Round)

    • Price100g 2,200 yen
    • Price150g 2,640 yen
  • T-bone steak

    It is sirloin and a fillet on both sides of the T-shaped bone.
    I can enjoy the taste of two parts at a time, and the taste is double, too. It is very luxurious one article.

    • Price600g 8,580 yen
  • L-bone steak

    The L-shape own flesh and blood sirloin which does not have the fillet for a T-bone.
    There are few meat shrinkages by the field firing and can taste taste and juicy.

    • Price600g 7,480 yen
  • Special Kuroge Japanese Beef A4 rank Fillet Steak80g & Kuroge Japanese Beef 100% Hamburg100g

    It is a great combination that our popular menu can be eaten at once.

    • Price5,280yen
  • Selected Japanese Beef Fillet Steak 80g & Hamburg 100g

    It is a great combination that our popular menu can be eaten at once.

    • Price3,630yen