Traditional flavor that continued to stick to

It is a handmade hamburg that boasts of Nicks boasting just
juicy up to the amount to be used , baked in sticking formulation .

* The indicated price is without tax.

  • Kuroge Japanese Beef 100% Premium Hamburg Steak

    Can be increased every 50 g. 50 g · · · 400 yen

    • Price150g1330yen
  • Braised Hamburg Steak (Beef & Pork Mix)

    Can be increased every 50 g. 50 g ··· 250yen

    • Price150g1030yen
  • Nicks Hand Tensile Hamburg Steak (Beef and Pork Mix)

    Nicks Hand Tensile Hamburger Steak (Beef and Pork mixed)
    Can be increased every 50 g. 50 g · · · 200yen

    • Price150g930yen
  • Cheese

    • Price280yen
  • Fried Egg

    • Price80yen
  • Demiglas Sauce

    It is a demiglas sauce that is inherited from the time of the foundation. Please try by hand homemade original sauce thoroughly simmered.

  • Roasted Garlic Sauce

    The scent of garlic spreading at the moment when you put it on an iron plate intensifies appetite.

  • Ponzu Source

    It is a Japanese-style sauce that has plenty of ponzu sauce on a large radish sauce.

  • Sharia Pin Source

    The sweetness of onion meets the taste of the meat.