A taste that continues to be loved
by a wide range of generations

In the days when hamburgers were not familiar to Japanese,
the chef tried and errored for the soldiers of Johnson base at the time,
"Johnson Burger" made with fine dough.
We revived the taste loved by the officers of Johnson Base to modern times.

* The indicated price is without tax.

  • Johnson Burger

    This burger was introduced to NHK-TV and various media. Patty is Kuroge Japanese beef 100%.

    • Price1180yen
  • Johnson Burger JR. Plate

    Patti 80 g of a small Johnson burger. Potato fried salad soup pickles can be eaten on one plate, it is a recommended plate for people who want to eat variously.

    • Price980yen
  • Lunch Set

    Lunch set
    salad Coffee or tea ※ Lunch time comes with rice or bread in the menu.

    • Price350yen
  • Cake Set

    Coffee or tea
    Today's dessert
    ※ Lunch time comes with rice or bread in the menu.

    • Price700yen
  • Coffee Set

    Coffee or tea
    (Only those who ordered meals can use it.)

    • Price200yen
  • Dinner Set

    Rice or bread
    Coffee or tea

    • Price580yen
  • Burger Set

    Coffee or Tea
    ※ It is a set attached to Johnson Burger.

    • Price350yen
  • Today's Soup

    • Price380yen
  • Rice

    • Price200yen
  • Bread

    • Price200yen
  • Fried Egg

    • Price80yen
  • Cheese

    • Price280yen
  • Patty

    • Price1Pcs500yen